Bespoke build services

Our services can be tailored to your requirements

Some of the most popular are:

Turn Key Car – This is a design and build service that is to your specification, where the upholstery, instrumentation and colour scheme is tailored to your requirements, this includes engine choice.

Stage Build – To build a Triking rolling chassis ready for you to fit out all instrumentation, electrics, upholstery and donor parts etc.

Electrical Build – To wire the electrical systems of your vehicle including engine and ancillaries if required.

Project Finishing – We can finish your project if you find that your time restrictions do not allow you to complete your project.


We own a purpose designed trailer for cyclecar transport which we are able to transport your vehicle within the UK and Europe at cost for customers.
Worldwide Shipping

We can negotiate and arrange transport and shipping of your completed vehicle to any corner of the world through our shippers. Transport and shipping for customers is at cost.

Triking Build Options

Your Triking can be built to your personal requirements and the following items are just some of the options that are available.

Power Plant

The Triking has been exclusively designed around the Moto Guzzi V Twin engine as it is a proven design that gives excellent service with low maintenance costs. Owner maintenance is simple, while the power characteristics and reliability make it the ideal choice for the Triking cycle car. A choice of models from 950cc – 1200cc are available in carburettor and fuel injected form. All engine installations now use the Moto Guzzi 5 speed sequential gearbox. All engine units include a V5C document to ensure an age related registration document.


A reverse gear option is available that utilises the ‘Nova Racing’ inline gearbox

Body Types

TYPE 2 Classic – This is the traditional body with removable boot and bonnet sections featuring the recessed body line along the sides of the cycle car.
TYPE 3 – With removable rear section allowing full access to the rear wheel and swinging arm area. It also has curved side panels allowing approximately 40 mm extra width to the cockpit and extra room around the pedal area.


A choice of front rims are available including stainless steel, polished alloy and powder coated finish with polished or satin Triking hubs. The standard Moto Guzzi rear wheel can be retained or a Triking specific wheel of 15 inches diameter can be fitted that enables you to fit a car type tubeless tyre that provides a better road footprint and also reduces the drive ratio.


A choice of leather or quality vinyl are available in a variety of colours. Map pockets to the side cards are also a popular option. Steering wheels can be covered to match your choice of trim.


5 ¾ inch stainless steel are the standard fit. These can be upgraded to 7 inch. Both are available in stainless steel or satin black finish in either L/H/D or R/H/ D beam pattern.

Rear Lamps

Standard Triking lamps are included, these can be changed to any available style at unit cost. A fog lamp is also available if requested.

Right Hand Drive/Left Hand Drive

Available at time of order with no cost difference.


Can be fitted with or without a glove box. Finishes available include – satin aluminium, engine turned aluminium, carbon fibre, leather, paint/lacquer and burr wood.

Instruments & Switches

A selection of instruments are available with different colour dials and bezels including, black, white and magnolia dials, Chrome, black and brass bezels. The standard fitted switches are rocker type and can be changed to toggle type or rotary if required. Extra switches, start button, sockets for 12V auxiliaries and column switch stalks can be installed on request.

Fuel Tanks

A single powder coated fuel tank of approx. 6 imp. Gallons is the standard fitment. This can be upgraded to stainless steel if required. A second linked tank of approx. 4 imp. Gal. can be fitted for extra touring distances.

Monza Type Fuel Cap

A 2 inch Monza style cap and fittings can be fitted to replace the standard bayonet type cap.

Exhaust Silencers

Various stainless steel silencers are available on request if you do not wish to use the Moto Guzzi items from a donor bike.


A Triking Touring Screen in laminated glass is available along with Brooklands style individual screens.

Steering Wheels

Available in 3 spoke finished in a wood, leather or vinyl with Triking centre hub as standard or 4 spoke finished in polished hardwood.

QD Removable Steering Wheel

For easier access to cockpit area if required.

Adjustable Pedal Box

Fitted as standard. This can be mounted to suit leg length during the build and is also adjustable during use.

Gear Knobs

A choice of hardwood and turned aluminium in polished or satin finish.


Specific Triking wing mirrors are available in left and right hand along with an interior centre mirror.

Exhaust Header Pipe Roses

Machine turned header collars to replace the standard Moto Guzzi flanges.

Engine Breather Bottle

Large stainless steel engine breather and stand to bolt to top of gearbox.

Floor Covering

Auto grade carpets to compliment your upholstery choice or rubber matting is available and is usually ordered with the upholstery.

Bonnet And Hub Cap Badges

Available in aluminium or brass that can be finished in satin or high polish, these can be plain or engraved with the Triking logo.

Rose Jointed Gear Linkage

This rose jointed linkage replaces the standard push/pull arrangement and reduces the pressure required on the gear change stroke enabling smoother gear changing.

Shock Absorbers

Stainless steel Hagon front/rear or standard Hagon painted items are available that are specific to the Triking.


Stainless steel nuts, bolts and Acorn nuts are available as an upgrade to replace the standard plated items except for major structural areas that require plated steel fasteners.

Side Indicator Repeater

Mandatory in some countries.

Triking Luggage Rack

Constructed in stainless steel to fit the rear boot section.

Rear Reflectors

Standard fit to MSVA spec.

Seat Belts

Three point safety belts are standard fit to all Triking cycle cars.

Powder Coated Chassis

Standard colour is black but other colours are available at additional cost.

Body Painting

All colours that bear a recognised paint code can be spray painted in 2K direct gloss or base coat and lacquer finish.

Front Brakes

Grimeca discs and callipers are the standard fitment. The brake pads can be upgraded to softer road/track spec. An option of ductile iron discs with AP racing callipers for competition use is available.


Standard fit is a lead acid type. This can be upgraded to either a sealed zero maintenance type or the lightweight ‘Red Top’ racing battery.

Battery Master Kill Switch

Fitted as standard.

Electrical System

The standard Triking loom is used in all builds

Stage Builds

The Triking is available in various stages of completion for customers that like to carry out some of the finishing work to there own requirements and add a personal touch to their completed cyclecar. This also allows the fitment of your own engine and donor parts. For customers residing in countries where importing a completed vehicle may be problematic, this may be a good option and gives the versatility of sourcing engine packages that have been registered locally. Stage builds can be tailored to individual requirements, but the most popular are:

Intermediate Build

This is based on the Triking comprehensive kit and is built to a rolling chassis stage (ex. rear wheel) and includes upholstery colour choice. All upgrades and build options are available at the time of order. Completed work includes: fitted drive shafts and bearing blocks, wishbones, uprights, steering rack and steering column fitted. wheels, tyres, discs and brakes fitted, gear change linkage fitted, handbrake assembly installed, master cylinders fitted, pedal box assembled and fitted, body loosely fitted ready for prep and paint, dashboard blank loosely fitted and ready for fitting out to your requirements.

Advanced Build

This stage includes all of the work from the intermediate build plus: Installation and terminating the wiring loom, installing and wiring of all lighting, instruments and switching, dashboard finishing and fitting of dials, warning lights, switches etc. Fitting of upholstery and cockpit surround trim, install brake lines and fuel lines, fitting of fuel tank and sender, fitting of battery cables, fuse box, flasher and hazard relays, ignition switch, battery master kill switch, fitting of steering wheel and hub, final preparation of bodywork and paint finishing to your colour choice, fitting of windscreens if required. This option can be ordered with bespoke specifications and is ready to fit engine and donor parts when all work is completed by ourselves.

“Turn Key” Build

Fully built Trikings can be built to your specification and delivered or shipped to any worldwide destination. We usually have a part built cyclecar in stock that can be finished to your requirements or a finished car available.

Project Finishing

We are happy to finish cars for people that have started and found that their time restraints do not allow them the time to finish or just require help with certain aspects.

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